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August 2023


It’s time for new blood and new plans!

After a fantastic 33 years in Morninghill, my wife and I are retiring to the coast – so my time as MSA Chairman has come to an end. Morninghill truly is a superb suburb – a beautiful walking environment, remarkably quiet and “remote”, and yet close to everything. I am also very happy to note it is probably the area within Bedfordview with the least crime. Cheryl & I can only wish the very best for ALL Morninghill residents and special good wishes to the new MSA Chairman and committee.

Congratulations to James Hodkinson on being elected as new Chairman at our recent MSA Committee meeting. James truly has a giving attitude and is committed to Morninghill. In taking over Morninghill Chair, James will be handing over admin of the Social WhatsApp group to an all new Social Admin (completely external to MSA).

A SPECIAL thanks must go to Claire Perry Kotze who has been MSA Admin manager for over 10 years. Claire has always been available at just about all hours to answer residents’ queries and to ensure our accounts are meticulously managed. Claire has taken on new responsibilities and has asked to relinquish her duties as MSA Admin Manager. A new Admin Manager is currently being sought.

Thank you Claire – you shall be missed!

MSA Projects NEW NEW!

At the last meeting it was also agreed to start a Morninghill Projects initiative. ALL Morninghill residents are encouraged to contribute say R50 - R100pm to this initiative. The cash will go into the MSA account but be accounted for completely separately. James now has a Projects Subcommittee (Jeremy Jeffrey, Jonathan Saville, Abel Sigudu).

Specific projects will be identified (eg repaint road markings on our speed humps) and funds allocated. This may well INCLUDE working with other organisations and individuals who currently undertake initiatives for the betterment of Morninghill. Clearly all funds allocated will be fully accounted for and all donations will be subject to SARS rebate as we are a Public Benefit Organisation.

It is important to note the money will be kept separate from MSA Security Funds as MSA Members contribution will be EXCLUSIVELY allocated to our security.

Donations to MSA PROJECTS should be deposited into the normal MSA bank account:

  • Morninghill Security Association

  • FNB

  • Acc No: 62029407732

  • Branch: Bedford Gardens 252155



I am happy to note we have had no new security issues to report – hopefully it stays that way. (We did have someone crash into our Batten Rd Boom hut – not a security issue).

I do believe this is directly related to our Fouchee Terrace Camera system as well as the VERY active stance BHT takes within Morninghill INCLUDING our close surrounds (Bedfordview & Bruma). BHT deserve all the support they can get – we certainly recommend residents to use BHT as their Armed Response provider.

Thank you for your support over the years – we simply love Morninghill.

Kind regards
Mike le Plastrier and the MSA Committee 

James Hodkinson (Chair), Claire Kotze, Naomi Steiner, Abel Sigudu, Sandra Oberstein, Bailey Leong, Sabrina Perrone,  Hennie Lombard, Mike McAleenan, Peter van der Meer, Diggie Msemi, Malcom van Coller, Jeremy Jeffrey, Jonathan Saville

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