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Dec 2022

While we have an overall 80 % of all households contributing to MSA, we only have 48% of our free standing home owners (and 90% of complexes) contributing to MSA - to our improved security.

If we moved the free standing homeowners to 75%, the extra income would allow us to do a whole lot more.

The following are proposals made by our residents - with comments


  1. "SMART" video surveillance of Morninghill

  • ​Thanks to a crowd funding intiative drive by Gwen Doran, we have now installed a high tech thermal camera perimeter border all along the top of Morninghill (Fouchee Terrace). This system detects movement (actually heat signatures rather than simple movement) and highlights this in the BHT Control Room. The Control Room operator can immediately ascertain if this poses a threat and can elect to despatch the Morninghill BHT Patrol car to investigate further.

  • This system ties in with the rest of the Bruma Linksfield Ridge camera monitoring system which is also monitored by BHT.


  1. Extra Lighting

    1. In Feb 2022 funds were donated and we were able to install extra floodlights covering the Linksfield Ridge mountain as well as at River Rd bridge area.

  2. Extra BHT Patrol Car

    1. We currently (May 2022) have one BHT Patrol car dedicated to Morninghill. In addition BHT have a second "semi dedicated" car in Morninghill.


    1. During curfew hours, non- tag holders will be asked where they are going and the guard will note the number of personell in the car. Any suspicious behaviour will be called in to the patrol car.


    1. BHT shall provide Drone Surveillance on an ad hoc basis.. 

  5. BOOM Cameras

    1. ALL boom camera footage is now available for remote viewing (by selected committee members). 

  6. Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras installed at each boom:

    1. The system immediately compare this plate to a database of known false/criminal plates. This in turn triggers an alarm to MSA/CMS and the patrol car is dispatched to check for the car within Morninghill. 

    2. Of course this is not completely fool-proof as a criminal can make use of new false plates - but it is certainly better than no check at all.

  7. Better usage of the boom guards:

    1. Currently the boom guards have to check in over 2500 cars each day at Batten Rd and aoround 1700 cars per day  at River and Vernon Rd. It is impossible to review each car and extremely difficult to ascertain "suspicious behaviour".

    2. We have changed the system as follows:

      1. We place a video monitor inside the guard house monitoring picture of the person pushing the entrance button. The guard thus stays inside the guard house - come rain or sunshine.

      2. Those that have LPR access can go in immediately - the guard takes no action at all (just like any gated estate).

      3. However all others MUST press the entry button and the guard must check he has a clear picture on the video screen. If not, the guard asks him to look directly at the video camera again.

      4. In addition the guard checks that the car has a number plate. If no plate, the guard radios the patrol car and asks him to monitor the car.

      5. Hopefully the potential criminal then knows we have a clear picture of him coming into Morninghill and this may deter him from criminal activities in the area.

  8. Make visitors sign an entrance book & note where they are going

    1. Your committee feels this has no value​. Having names (mostly illegible) in a book gives us no real information. The names may not even be real.

    2. Stopping cars to write data in a book is absolutely impossible given our traffic volumes. (NB we do not have the luxury of dual entry roads into Morninghill)

    3. NO Action planned

  9. Scan licence disk of visitors​

    1. The committee notes that is is extremely difficult to implement as this can cause long queues of cars with huge abuse thrown at the guards (for doing their job). 

    2. It would be worth further investigation if we could have a resident AND non-resident entrance.

    3. The LPR cameras do a similar job much more quickly. The scanning adds value if the scanned license is then linked to a database of "suspect cars" (which is what happens with the LPR system).

    4. No action planned

  10. Provide SMS codes to all visitors to Morninghil.

    1. This will be extremely difficult to implement as we have significant thru-traffic. This can cause long queues of cars with huge abuse thrown at the guards (for doing their job). 

    2. It would be more feasable if we could have a resident AND non-resident entrance.

    3. No action planned - not feasable with current road structure

  11. Install permamently closed gates at different areas within Morninghill​

    1. The idea is that this would possibly make rapid exit for a would be thief more difficult.

    2. Your committee is not convinced at this time. We believe would be thieves are acutely aware of their proposed exit path. So this would potentially simply cause inconvenience to the people living in these streets.

    3. No action planned  - high cost of installation with questionable results

  12. Reroute Boeing Rd West to take two way traffic

    1. If we could achieve this then we could do the following

      1. Significantly reduce through traffic in Morninghill (to almost zero)

      2. Potentially close Vernon Rd Gate as there would be an easy access to Bruma area.

    2. Oct 2018. Ekurhuleni Regional Executive - Dept Roads & Stormwater advise that such a change would compromise road safety and that the proposals are "too drastic to be considered within the current available infrastructure". 

    3. No action planned

  13. Close Vernon Rd Gate​

    1. Great idea. This would save us at least R30k per month and reduce through traffic considerably.

    2. We originally installed a gate at Vernon Rd hoping we could get this approved.

    3. However there are many residents who make use of this road daily to get to Bruma area so the "boomed off" approval was only achieved based on having a boom at Vernon Rd.

    4. No action planned

  14. Change​ Vernon Rd Gate to Tag Exit ONLY

    1. Tag holders would cause exit gate to open immediately

    2. No entry at Vernon to any cars 

    3. Remove guard post at this gate (save R30k pm)

    4. Needs approval from Morninghill residents

    5. Option to be considered at time of next road closure application. 

  15. Install road spikes at each boom.

    1. These spikes could be manually placed accross the road if required OR we could install electrically operated spikes to stop cars from exiting when activated.

    2. Potentially this would be a deterrent to a would-be criminal as their exit may be made much more difficult if the alarm was raised.

    3. Presented at 2019 AGM. Pricing excessive at this time. No immediate action planned.

  16. Upgrade Guard Huts​

    1. We have obtained basic pricing and will make proposals at 2019 AGM. Much will depend on future funding. 

    2. We have renewed the guard hut at Batten Rd and hope to renew the other two guard huts as funds become available.

    3. Plans have been submitted to Ekurhuleni for approval. No response yet! (July 2022) in spite of regualr requests. 

If you have a neighbour that does not contribute to MSA, please ask them to do so. If they genuinely cannot afford the full amount, we can and do make exceptions. ALL contributions are tax deductible and we are a registered Public Benefit Organisation and we provide you with a tax certificate at the end of each tax year.

If you have any other proposals, please do not hestitate to contact any one of your committee (or our Admin Manager - Claire Kotze at 083 377 340- or sent an email to 

We can improve the security of our Morninghill Estate - we just need the buy in of our residents.

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