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NO SWIPE access at Boom Entrance

The booms are paid for BY MSA CONTRIBUTORS ONLY – the extra security is enjoyed by ALL.

So what extras do MSA contributors get?

  • Direct access 24hr to all 2 Patrol Cars (2 x BHT) via our MSA Security WhatsApp group

  • All contributors to MSA can elect to have their car registration recorded on our LPR camera system. So when you get to the boom, the LPR camera will note your registration and open the boom immediately – no action shall be required at all (either in or out).


For all other users, you shall be required to wave your hand in front of the sensor. The guard will check he has a good picture recording of you then let you through.
At the exit, there will be a 4 second delay after waving your hand then the boom will open (without any input from the guard).

To REGISTER FOR THIS, click on this link LPR Registration via BHT (only available to MSA Contributors)

BHT advise the following to ensure your number plate is recognised:

  • Of course you must have registered via our web site 

  • When approaching the boom gate (entry or exit) make sure your number plate is visible to the camera at the white line in the road (so ensure the car in front of you is not blocking visibility).

White Line.jpg
  1. The boom should open within a second (it takes approx. a second to process the reading).

  2. If this does not work for you, please report this via WhatsApp to 065 915 6996 complete with your name and licence number

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