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MSA - Morninghill Security Association

What you get:

  • Community Closure

  • all three booms and 24x7 BHT security guards at our three entrances into Morninghill.

  • Monitor the BHT Patrol car which is dedicated to Morninghill 24x7 (checks every street in Morninghill at least once/hour).

  • The 8 cameras per entrance – these are monitored (but not alarmed) 24x7 at the BHT Control Room in Bruma. Footage from these cameras is only available to MSA contributors (assuming you have a SAPS case number).

  • The Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) cameras at each entrance. These alert BHT as soon as a flagged car enters into Morninghill. The BHT Patrol car then is alerted to find this vehicle.

  • The e-signboard at each entrance for local information

  • A full set of thermal cameras along the top of Morninghill against the kopje so that any persons entering/leaving Morninghill in this area raises an alert in the BHT Control Room in Bruma. At night time, all car movements along Fouchee Terrace are also alerted.

  • Numerous flood lights throughout Morninghill “dark spots”

  • As a member, you may provide your numberplate to BHT. The booms will then open automatically whenever you approach the boom (the camera must have a clear view of your number plate at the white line in front of the boom). (May not work during load shedding).

White Line.jpg
  • Direct access to the MSA BHT Security WhatsApp group which includes the BHT Control Room and BHT Patrol Car


BHT - Armed Response (Separate from MSA)

MSA has contracted BHT to provide the Booms & Guards

In addition, BHT offer

  • Armed response

  • 24 Hour Emer-G-Med Medical Response

The combination of BHT & MSA brings:

  • Morninghill based patrol vehicle providing rapid response

  • MSA & BHT WhatsApp Security Group (with Patrol car) for increased awareness

  • Genuine enhancement to the value of your property

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